A “thank you” to Veterans

The following poem was written in honor of Veterans Day by a very talented young woman.  It is her gift to Veterans everywhere as we thank them for their service, commitment, and sacrifice.  It’s a privilege to know her and I’m very proud to have such a beautiful soul as my daughter.

Coming Home Happy Veterans Day

by Megan Black
Engines roar and hearts race
as the giant plane pulls in
Out come men in camouflage
wearing long forgotten grins
A little boy runs to his dad,
who’s finally back from war
Light placed in his battle darkened eyes
his uniform pressed and dark hair shorn
The little boy grasps his American flag
Sobbing, he wraps his dad in an embrace
then his mom hugs his dad tight
relieved tears dripping down her face
The war is done for them
no more longing, no more pain
Until the next deployment
They’re a family again
With guns and bullets, battles rage
soldiers dying every day
For our country’s fragile freedom-
there’s nobody more brave

Please take the opportunity to give your thanks to a Veteran today.  We could never thank them enough for the sacrifices they have made.



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