RAOK – The Last Installment

Random Acts of Kindness

Well, they’re done.  Phew!  I have completed my birthday Random Acts of Kindness.  It took over a week, but I finally completed my to-do list.  I’ve baked, delivered, and I tried to be kind.

13)  Buy a coffee for someone in the drive-thru.  I bought a $5 gift card with my order, popped a little note into the gift card holder, and asked the girl to give it to the car behind me.  I tried to do this several times earlier in the week and NO ONE pulled in behind me at the drive-thru.  No complaints from me because it meant that I got to visit my favorite coffee shop, Aroma Joe’s, a few extra times.

Random Acts of Kindness

Treat for the mailman

13)  Leave a treat for the mailman.  I baked jumbo chocolate chip cookies and boxed them up.  We scurried out to put the box in the mailbox when we saw him coming down the street.  Noah was so excited he insisted on staying in the front yard to watch the mailman find his surprise.

14)  Open doors for people.  I made an extra effort to hold open doors for people.  I also tried to run ahead to open the door for people with strollers or bags in their arms.  That one was not always easy with my wayward ducklings (Noah and Riley) in tow, but I tried.

16)  Donate clothes and toys.  The day before my birthday, a local thrift shop put up a large sign saying they needed donations.  Talk about a sign!   So I gathered up all the clothes and toys I had been saving and dropped them off.  It turns out that the thrift shop funds local emergency response volunteers.  Not a bad use for my old things…

17)  Take treats to the Fire Department.  Boys love fire trucks.  So off to our local fire station we went.  The third time was the charm – the firefighters were  out on a call the first two times we went.  I didn’t want to give them stale cookies, so I started over and made another batch of those Mocha Caramel cupcakes.  The Dover Fire Department is absolutely amazing.  They were so appreciative.  Somehow we ended up leaving with goodies.  They gave the kids fire hats and music CDs about safely.  (It’s actually our fire fighters singing on the CD and the kids think its the best thing ever.)

18)  Take treats to the Police Department.  That cupcake recipe makes a lot of cupcakes, so we took some over to the Police Department too.  The officer we gave them too seemed genuinely surprised that someone would do such a thing for them.  I’m guessing that they don’t have a lot of strangers bringing them treats.  I hope they didn’t think they were laced with poison.

Random Acts of Kindness

Basket of toys for the Birth Center

19)  Take toys to the Birth Center at the hospital.  We took a bin of small toys and coloring books for the nurses to have on hand if there is a little visitor that needs a extra entertainment.

I always made sure to have little gifts and snacks in my labor bag for my kids when they visited their new brothers so they would feel special too.  Plus it can be boring when you’re confined to a small room while everyone oohs and aahs over the new poop machine in the family.  Plus I know what it’s like to have a 2 year old that can’t sit still for more than 1.3 seconds and try to contain him in a small “holding cell”.

20)  Send a treat to a friend.  I baked some sugar cookies and sent them priority mail to a friend of mine.

21)  Write a letter to my son’s teacher.  She is pretty wonderful.  I don’t know how she has a social life at all with the time and effort she puts into teaching.  She has done amazing things for Josh this year and I’ll always be grateful.  I want to make sure she knows how much I appreciate her hard work.  I also sent a copy of the letter to the principal.  The person who gave me this idea happens to have been Megan’s 2nd grade teacher.  I wish I would have thought of this idea on my own a few years ago so that I could have written the letter to her.  Thank you Cynthia for the great idea and for being such a wonderful teacher.

22)  Share the experience.  This part hasn’t been easy for me, but it’s been worth the effort.  The responses have been so kind and encouraging and I thank you for it.  It makes my heart happy to hear that some people were even inspired to do Random Acts of Kindness themselves.  If you are one of them, I’d LOVE to hear what you do!

My original plan was to do all of my Random Acts of Kindness in one day.  It’s a blessing that I didn’t.  My kids were able to join me on my journey, and I hope they never forget it.  The Random Acts of Kindness became a regular topic of conversation for us as we planned our adventures.  So regular, that it seems to have become the “norm” in our house.

What began as a birthday adventure for me has become something much more now.  This may be the Last Installment, but it is not the end of my Random Acts of Kindness journey.  It is just the beginning….


“Never get tired of doing little things for others.  Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.” –Anonymous


4 thoughts on “RAOK – The Last Installment

  1. dcronin says:

    you have really shown us a great example of “the little things” making a difference. Keep up the great work!

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